Bench Officials

Each match requires one Scorer therefore this role will only be required for half of each team's games. The Scorer is to be provided by the 'home' team for each match. 

Each match requires one Timekeeper therefore this role also will only be required for half of each team's games. The Timekeeper is to be provided by the 'away' team for each match.

All Scorers and Timekeepers should arrive no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to the commencement of matches and remain until the completion of the last fixture round to which they have been rostered. 

Scoring and timing during GBNL Competition fixture rounds will be via Netball Connect. Scorers and timers must ensure they have Netball Connect App available on their phone/iPad and it is to be fully charged. GBNLSC will not supply devices to score or time. Timing will be conducted via the clock on each court with the score recorded via Netball Connect. At the end of each quarter, the score needs to be verified by bench officials from each team. 

Bench officials' behaviour must be impartial (that is without bias) towards either team and their demeanour must be pleasant, co-operative and efficient. 

The scoring and timing will operate in accordance with the operational procedures outlined in the Netball Australia National Bench Officials Manual.

'Home' team - team named first in the match draw. 

'Away' team - team named second in the match draw.

Scorers and Timekeepers

Managers are to ensure that all scorers are familiar with or trained in how to score before officiating on a GBNL match. GBNL Personnel duties do not include instructing or sitting with inexperienced or untrained scorers.

Scorers must work in conjunction with the Timekeeper to ensure all successful attempts at goal are recorded on both the Netball Connect app and the venue's digital display. 

Scorers must check with the Timekeeper to ensure accuracy before the score is confirmed within the Netball Connect app after each quarter.

For help on how to score, check out Netball QLD website. 

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